Over almost 50 years of experience as a professional artist specializing in metal and ceramic sculpture.    Sculptures range in size from small-scale work to monumental public art commissions.  Work is represented in both private and public collections internationally.  Twice granted the Cintas Fellowship from the International Institute of Education in New York.  Studied architecture and engineering but ultimately focused on the arts.  Obtained Master of Arts Degree from the University of Miami in 1971.  Taught sculpture, ceramics and design at the college level for numerous years. 


2017                           “The Guardian of the River” City Of Jacksonville Florida.

2017                           “The Lectrice” La Lectora. John F. Kennedy Library. Hialeah FL

2016                           "Impossible Dream"  Garden Of The Arts. City of Hialeah, FL

2015                            Sculpture Trophy for Univision Education Week Award 2015. (Presented to Actress

                                    Eva Longoria) Miami, FL

2015                           “Illusions”, “Nestia” and “Pursuing Happiness”, Milander Center for Arts and 

                                     Entertainment. City of Hialeah, FL

2014                            Sculpture Trophy for Univision Education Week Award 2014. (Presented to actor

                                    Edward James Olmos) Miami, FL

2013                            Designed symbol for Felix Varela’s mausoleum in St. Augustine, FL

2012                            “The Three Graces,” Miami, FL

2012                            “Wings of the Spirit,” Central Park, Mladenovac, Serbia

2012                            “The Best Wishes,” Central Fountain, Mladenovac, Serbia

2012                            “Monument to the Innocent,” Radio/TV Center, Belgrade, Serbia

2011                            “The Price of Freedom,” Miami, FL

2010                            “Learning Gives You Wings,” Miami-Dade College, Miami, FL                 

2010                            Ceramic and Glass Mosaic, St. Gregory Catholic Church, Plantation, FL

2010                            “Juntos,” Stainless Steel Monument, Miami, FL

2009                            Pedro Pan Monument, Miami, FL

2008                            “Reach,” Doral, FL

2007 – 2008                “The Giants of Belen,” Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, Miami, FL

2006                            St. Brendan Catholic Church, Miami, FL

2004                            Sculpture Trophy for the Cuban Christian Democratic Party (presented to President of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar), Madrid, Spain

2001, 2003                  St. John Vianney Seminary, Miami, FL

2002                            St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, Miramar, FL

2001                            Kiwanis Club of Little Havana Inc., Miami, FL

1990, 2000 - 2001       St. Agatha Catholic Church, Miami, FL

1999 - 2001                 Florida International University, Miami, FL

2000                            St. Gabriel Catholic Church, Pompano Beach, FL

2000, 1998                  St. Roberto Bellarmine, Miami, FL

1998                            Corpus Christi, Miami, FL

1998                            Memorial to Cuban Journalist Salvador Diaz Verzon, Miami, FL

1998                            St. Jude Catholic Church, Boca Raton, FL

1997                            St. Louis Catholic Church, Miami, FL

1997                            Montsenior Curly High School, Miami, FL

1997                            Belen Jesuit High School, Miami,  FL

1997                            St. Rose of Lima, Miami,  FL

1996                            Bank Investment Group, Miami,  FL

1995-1996                   Sculpture Trophy for the Willy Chirino Foundation, Miami, FL

1994-1995                   Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Homestead,  FL

1994                            Peace Monument, Citibank Florida, Miami,  FL

1994                            Sculpture Trophy for the Hispanic American Photographers, Miami, FL       

1992                            Center of the Divine Mercy, Miami, FL

1992                            St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Miami, FL

1992                            St. Kieran’s Catholic Church, Miami, FL

1991                            Duluth Public Arts Commission, Petrozavodsk, Russia

1990                            St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church, Pompano Beach, FL

1990                            Sculpture Trophy for the Youth Center, Miami, FL

1989                            Koger Properties Construction, Miami, FL

1987                            Sculpture Trophy for the United Way, Miami, FL

1987                            Cano Sotolongo & Associates Inc., Miami,  FL

1986                            Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria, Miami,  FL (www.acu-adsum.org)

1986                            Miami Beach Police Department - Donald Kramer Memorial, Miami Beach, FL

1985                            Sculpture Trophy for The Coalition of Hispanic American Women, Miami, FL

1978                            Sculpture Trophy for The Spanish Society of Florida, Miami, FL

1974                            Mar Azul Condominium, Key Biscayne, FL

1974                            Coral Park High School, Miami, FL

1972                            Sunset Villa, Miami Beach, FL

1967                            Surf House, Miami Beach, FL

1967                            Burger King Corporation Executive Offices, Miami, FL


The National Museum of Kragujevac, Serbia

Mladenovac Cultural Center, Serbia

Sopot Cultural Center, Serbia

Carlos Albizu University, San Juan, PR

Carlos Albizu University, Miami, FL

Abbott Laboratories, San Juan, PR

Miami Dade College – North Campus, Miami, FL

Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA

University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

Florida International University, Miami, FL

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Edwin and Ruth Kennedy Museum of American Art, Ohio University, Athens, OH                     

Washington State Arts Commission, Olympia, WA

Museo Español de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid,  Spain

Museo Nacional de Ceramica, Valencia,  Spain

Museo de Arte Moderno de Villafames, Valencia,  Spain

Vatican Museum, Vatican City

Miami-Dade City Hall, Miami, FL

Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, Miami, FL

Museum of Modern Art, Petrozavodsk, Russia

House of Culture, Petrozavodsk, Russia

City Hall, Petrozavodsk, Russia

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Florida Museum of Hispanic Art, Miami, FL

Continental National Bank, Miami, FL

Le Loft, Miami Beach, FL

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Barry University, Miami Shores, FL

Print Collections: “Mirror of Time and Self-Portrait of the Fifties” (1970);

“La Bandera” (1975); “España” (1977); “El Cid” (1978); “Etude du Mouvement a Traves la Dance” (1980); “Sin Patria Pero Sin Amo” (1982)

Private Collections in Argentina, Denmark, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.


2013                            RETROSPECTIVE. 1900 Brickell Ave. Miami, FL

2011                            Gallery 03ONE, Belgrade, Serbia

2009                           “Cuban DNA” Installation, Studio, Miami, FL

2009                            Bistro 1410, Miami Beach, FL

                                    Fund Raiser for United States Senator Bob Menendez                    

2008                            Coral Gables, FL

                                    “Learning Gives You Wings” Installation

2007                            Northeastern University, Boston, MA

                                    “Freedom Birds”

2007                            Galeria  Creativo Caribeño, San Juan, PR

2006                            Miami Dade College – Wolfson Campus, Miami, FL

“Learning Gives You Wings” Installation

2006                            Miami Dade College – Wolfson Campus, Miami, FL

                                    “Law and Justice”

2006                            Miami Dade College – North Campus, Miami, FL

2006                            Mladenovac Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia

2006                            Congreso del Colegio de Abogados, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2000                            Ursomarzo Galeria de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1998                            Petit Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

1998                            Gwinnett Fine Arts Center, Athens, GA

1997                            St. John Vianney Catholic Seminary, Miami, FL

1997                            Gracie Lawrence Gallery Inc., Delray Beach, FL

1997                            The Gallery Fine Art, Coral Gables, FL

1996                            Vanidades, Miami,  FL

1996                            Jadite Gallery, New York, NY

1994                            Victoria Galleries, Coral Gables,  FL

1994                            One Brickell Square, Miami, FL

1989                            Tishman Speyer Properties of Florida, Miami, FL
1988                            Millenarian Design Center of the Americas, Dania, FL

1982                            Museo Nacional de Ceramica Gonzalez Marti, Valencia,  Spain

1982                            Sala Gaudi, Barcelona,  Spain

1982                            La Galeria de Vilanova i Geltru, Tarragona,  Spain

1981, 1979                  Galerie Marbach, Bern, Switzerland

1981, 1979                  Galerie Jean-Marie Cupillard, Grenoble, France

1981, 1978                  Galerie des Maitres Contemporains, Aix-en-Provence, France

1980                            Galeria Sant Lluc, Gerona, Spain

1980                            Le Bouquin, Valence, France

1980, 1979                  Galerie Bourg-de-Four, Geneve, Switzerland

1979, 1978                  Galeria Aryce, Valencia, Spain

1979                            Yolanda Inc. Gallery, Chicago, IL

1978, 1977                  Mitre Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

1977                            Sociedad Española de la Florida, Miami, FL

1977, 1971, 1969        Asociacion Fraternal Latinoamericana, Miami, FL

1976                            Grove House, Miami, FL

1973                            Florida International University, Miami, FL

1971                            Barry University, Miami Shores, FL

1971                            Pan American Banks, Miami, FL

1970                            Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, FL

1969                            Asociacion Fraternal Latinoamericana, Miami, FL

1968                            Hollywood Museum of Art, Hollywood, FL


2012                            Miami River Art Fair, Miami, FL

2012                            Art Fest at Doral, Doral, FL

2012                            Art Shanghai 2012, Shanghai, China

2011                            Modern Gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia

2009                            Miami Dade College, “31 Cuban Sculptors Exhibition,” Miami, FL

2006                            Mladenovac Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia

2004                            Cueto Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2002, 1990                  Editart Geneve, Switzerland 

2000, 1999                  Cuba Nostalgia, Miami, FL                           

1999                            Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy

1997                            Mexican Consulate, Cultural Center, Miami, FL

1995                            Sculpture in the Landscape, University of Miami, Miami, FL

1994                            Summit of the Presidents - Unidad Cubana, Miami, FL

1994                            National Council of La Raza, Miami Beach, FL

1993, 1992                  Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit, Lawrence, KS

1992                            WIZO Art ‘92’, Miami, FL

1992                            Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne, WY

1992                            Foster Harmon Galleries of American Art, Sarasota, FL

1992                            Nightingale Gallery, La Grande, OR

1992                            Texas Forestry Museum, Lufkin, TX

1991                            Sarasota Art Association, Sarasota, FL

1991                            Fine Art World, Boca Raton, FL

1987                            University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

1985, 1979                  De Armas Gallery, Miami,  FL

1982                            Jean Marie Cupillard Gallery, Grenoble, France

1981                            Aryce Gallery, Valencia, Spain

1981, 1980                  FIAC, Paris, France 1981 Art Fair of Venelles, France

1980                            La Fontana D’or, Gerona, Spain

1980                            Studio 13, Mataro-Barcelona, Spain

1980                            Kandinsky Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

1980                            Juana Mordo Gallery, Madrid, Spain

1979-1977, 1971         Harmon Gallery, Naples, FL

1978                            Forum Artis I, Copenhagen, Denmark

1977                            Galeria Mitre, Barcelona, Spain

1977                            International Artists Salon, Grenoble, France

1974, 1972                  Luria Gallery, Miami, FL

1973                            Carone Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL

1973                            University of Oregon, Portland, OR

1972                            Galeria Internacional, Caracas, Venezuela


2012                Designated U. S. Ambassador to promote Belgrade as “Capital of the Arts” in 2020

2000                Jubilee for Artists, Comitato Centrale Grande Giubileo, Rome, Italy

1973,1972       Cintas Fellowship, Institute of International Education, New York, NY

1969                Helen Banks Memorial Award - University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

1968                Award for Sculpture - Monasterio Español, Miami, FL

1968                The Hanson Award - University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

1967                Award for Sculpture - Miami Art Center, Miami, FL


1967                Associates Degree in Arts, Miami-Dade College, Miami, FL

1969                Bachelor of Arts, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

1971                Master of Fine Arts, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL


1969-1976       Barry University, Miami Shores, FL - Instructor in Sculpture, Ceramics and Design

Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, FL - Instructor in Sculpture, and Design


Co-Founder of World Art Colonies (WAC) originated in Mladenovac, Serbia

International Coordinator of the Arts for Center of Human Rights, Inc.

Founder of Bird Road Art District, Miami, FL

Co-Founder of Patrons of Art in the City Trust, Miami, FL

Co-Founder of Hispanic and Latin American Art Museum

Founder of Caudart (est. 1987)

Designated United States Ambassador to promote Belgrade as “Capital of the Arts” in 2020

Member of Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria (ACU)